Tween Program: Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus

Tween Program

For my first tween program, I chose something that I know is popular with the age group-The Heroes of Olympus!

I went pretty big with this program. We started off with a small selection ceremony. I selected  4 godly “parents”, printed their names and stuffed them in balloons. As the kids came in, they picked and popped a balloon to figure out which table to sit at. While waiting for stragglers to show up, we made laurel wreaths to wear. For that you take paper plates and cut the inner circle out as well as a small wedge from the outer ring. You could pre-cut leaves for the kids or allow them to cut their own leaves out of green paper. Glue all that on to the paper plate ring and you’re done!

Next we learned about Ancient Greek writing! I found some cool worksheets online that translated the ancient alphabet to our alphabet. We practiced writing and spelling our names. Once we mastered it, we made designed bookmarks in Ancient Greek.

By this time, we were running low on time so we moved on to Percy Jackson trivia. There are some great party/event kits out there online put out by Disney. I printed out a few different trivia question sheets and we spent the rest of the time going through and answering as much trivia as we could. I also made some “What to read after Percy Jackson” bookmarks with some mythology inspired juvenile fiction on it. Most of the kids took a bookmark.

Verdict: It was a good turn out for the first event. Good mix of kids and everyone seemed to have fun. I probably did too much for an hour. It’s best to pick 1 or 2 things to do.

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