Baby/Toddler Storytime Advice?

I had my first baby/toddler storytime yesterday. It was a bit of a disaster. I had a feeling it might be. I know babies and toddlers need more songs and rhymes than stories. I went too story heavy and as you’d expect, I lost their attention.

Songs and rhymes are not my thing at all. I know I should figure out the basics of my storytime and use them from week to week. I just don’t know what to use or where to look for ones that I would be comfortable using.

So fellow storytime people, what are your recommendations of some simple tried-and-true songs and rhymes for your smallest patrons? Any recommendations of easy to make felt board accessories? Any and all help would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Baby/Toddler Storytime Advice?

  1. I meant to comment on your tweet, but this is easier– I have been to a few different toddler/baby storytimes with my daughter, so I’ll try to remember what we’ve done in those. For the babies it was usually more quiet songs we could sing with them in lap with very simple hand motions (either for the babies to watch or for the parents/caretakers to move arms/legs for the baby)– things like Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row Row Row Your Boat, Open Shut Them. For toddlers things where they can dance are fun– I always really liked when we did I Know a Chicken and the library provided egg-shaped shakers for us to use. Also for babies/toddlers, we did Let’s Go Fly A Kite with scarves to wave around like kites. A couple storytimes we went to put the songs on a stereo and that might help you feel less self-conscious about the singing aspect. It was also nice that one library printed out the words to the songs for us to pick up on the way out, so we could do them at home.

    Oh and I found my library has posted some of the “parent sheets” to their blog:

    Hope that gets you started! We always had a fun time at storytime, so I hope you enjoy leading it!


    • Wow, thank you so much, Elizabeth. That’s all great information. It’s really interesting hearing things from a parent’s perspective. Scarves would be fun to do. I think I saw a bag of them in the closet. I should dig them out!


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