Display: Quick and Easy Juvenile Non-Fiction

While sprucing up the children’s area, I decided to take down all of our non-fiction displays. They have been up forever and were fizzling out. I didn’t have a ton of time to put thought into them. I just knew I wanted something quick and easy. Something the pages could easily fill and something that I knew we would have books for.

The light bulb went off! Our Juvenile NF section is 3 double sided shelves. At the end of each shelf is a couple of display cubes where we put our displays so they face people coming into the children’s area. I decided to highlight various call numbers of popular children’s subjects. To make it even easier, the display will only feature books from the shelf the display is in front of.

The first round of displays are:

  • Fairy Tales- 398.2
  • Things That Move- 620s
  • Ancient History- 930s

See? Easy-peasy. I made up quick signs with color text and a simple graphic. You get the idea. You can feature any section that is of interest at the moment or you feel should be moving. Bonus: you’re subtlety teaching kids where they can find more books like the ones in the display if the books are of interest.

Some other ideas for you:

  • Holidays- 394
  • Learn a New Language- 400s
  • Science Projects- 507
  • Graphic Novels- 741.5
  • Jokes on You!- 817-818

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