Teen Program: QR Codes

Teen Program

I personally liked the idea of this program but there’s no way to really gauge how successful it was.

For this ‘program’, I simply made quite a few QR codes, printed them and hid them around the YA area. For those who don’t know, QR codes are a barcode like image that when scanned give tons of information. When scanned on a smartphone with a QR code scanner/reader, they can link to a website, video, give contact information, etc.


I liked this generator the best but feel free to use what you’d like.

What did I link to? Different stuff online that teens might be interested in.

  • Our teen book list page.
  • If You Like…Divergent book list and Divergent movie trailer (near a Shailene Woodley READ poster)
  • Six Word Memoirs
  • Figment
  • Zombie book list
  • Hunger Games movie trailer (near THG cast READ poster)

You get the idea. It was really easy to make and it wasn’t in anyone’s way. If you wanted to look for it you could but you could easily ignore it. It worked okay at my old branch because so many teens had smartphones. If you plan on trying this at your branch, be aware of how many teens have devices. If most don’t have a device, probably best to skip this.

Optional Variation:

You could make this into a scavenger hunt for a full blown program or keep it as a passive program. Simply use the ‘Plain Text’ option to write up clues that will lead teens to the next clue.

If you host a program, make sure to load QR code scanners on to the devices you give out or direct teens to download them onto their smartphones or tablets. Any smart devices with a camera and web access should work. There are tons of free apps that would work.

If you continue this as a passive program, you could have the final clue lead to the information desk with teens giving staff a key word or phrase and winning a small prize.

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