Penguin Storytime

I’m going to try to structure each month around a different letter and then each week the stories will all be about a word starting with that letter. September is all about the letter P.

Sign Language

This week’s word was penguin.

baby toddler storytime

The Books

Baby Penguins Everywhere! by Melissa Guion

Baby Penguins Love Their Mama! by Melissa Guion

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

I quickly learned I needed to add more songs to my storytimes for this age group. I’ll be trying these scarf songs for a while with them. Thanks Jbrary!

I also let them play with my felt board penguins. During Baby Penguins Everywhere!, I encouraged them to bring up the penguins and stick them to the board.


Baby/Toddler storytime went so much better this time. Cutting it down to 2 stories really helped. They LOVED, loved the scarf songs. The entire storytime ran for ~20 minutes. I then stuck around and played with the scarves and puppets with the kids. They loved that I got on the ground with them. We sung the scarf songs about 15 times as well as throwing scarves. I’d say they warmed up to me.


The Books

Bob and Flo by Rebecca Ashdown (preschool)

Penguin in Love by Salina Yoo

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoo

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

Several people mentioned to me that I should try some felt board activities. I attempted to make my own.  I found some simple clipart of a penguin. I changed the colors of the penguins, put a different number in the belly of them (up to 9…that’s how many would fit on a page), and printed some up on card stock. I simply cut them up and glued felt on the back of them.

I passed them out and they played with them. I had them bring them up by number.

I found some felt mittens in the closet so we played with those after Penguin in Love. I called out the colors and had them bring them up. We tried it again where we put the left mittens up and then the right mittens.

The Craft

We made penguins out of the letter P. You can see how it looks here. It’s easy to customize it to make it your own. I love that she did the entire alphabet! I hope to try to do more of these for other letters.


This went pretty well. They liked the felt board. I may need to look into making some basic/generic felt board activities that I can use with many storytimes.

The kids are still getting used to the fact that I’m not doing storytime the “old way”. I think they liked the craft well enough. I was a little sad to hear one of the dads getting frustrated with his daughter because she wasn’t making her penguin the ‘right’ way. You can’t win with everyone. :-/

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