Parent Storytime

I’m going to try to structure each month around a different letter and then each week the stories will all be about a word starting with that letter. September is all about the letter P.

Sign Language

This week’s words were mom and dad. I knew I couldn’t get too far into teaching them sign language without covering parents!

baby toddler storytime

The Books

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother,  Too? by Eric Carle

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

Scarves turned out to be a big hit. I think I’ll be keeping them for a while!


We’re slowly getting better. Storytime is running a smidge shorter than I would like.  I should probably add a few more songs/fingerplays and then my basic set up will be done! Then I’ll just switch out books each week for them.


The Books

How To Cheer Up Day by Fred Koehler

My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck

You and Me Together by Barbara Kerley

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

I found a bag of felt pieces. Each piece had a different word on it going on from A to Z. We had a small group this time so we divided the pieces up and went through the alphabet and they brought up the appropriate pieces.  They love the felt pieces so I’m sure we’ll play with this one again. Bonus: the felt pieces have different shapes and colors as backgrounds. We could work on our shapes and numbers next time.

The Craft

I struggled with trying to figure out a craft for ‘parent’.  I discovered Twisty Noodle which has some really cool coloring sheets for learning. I ‘designed’ one for Parents with a bit of writing practice at the bottom.


It went fine. We had only 3 kids/parents this time around but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

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