Tween Program: Constellation Art

Tween Program

We used black construction paper for our canvases. White and silver paint as our main paint. We looked at constellation books from the library to get ideas. I showed them my example but let them paint what they wanted. For my example, I painted bigger dots for the points/stars of the constellation. Then lightly painted lines between those points to make the constellation visible. While that dries, lightly fill in the background with tiny dots for the stars in the background of the sky. To make the constellation really stand out, I used glow-in-the-dark paint on the points of the constellation.

August tends to be a weird month for programming. The craziness of Summer Reading just ended. School starts back soon. It’s just a weird time of year. As a result, I didn’t expect many people to show but this program works with any amount of people. I ended up having only 3 kids show up but I felt like they got some good “one-on-one” time with me. We all sat at the same table and painted. We talked about a lot of things and they had a good number of stories to tell me.

Verdict: Easy and entertaining. Might be worthwhile to do near the time of some astronomical event.

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