Tween Program: Minute to Win It

Tween Program

Minute to Win It was a game show from a few years back. The concept was pretty simple. Contestants were given a fairly straightforward task but given only a minute to accomplish the task. I took the basic concept and made it kid friendly.

This was pretty easy to plan out. If you Google “Minute to Win It games” you will find many games and ideas to choose from. My age group was going to be 6 and up so I needed to be a bit picky about choosing my games. Since the program was only going to be an hour-long, I narrowed my choices down to six games.

  • Place 25 beads (5 beads of 5 different colors) into a cup. Kids had to separate beads into other cups based on color using only 2 fingers.
  • Keep 3 inflated balloons off the ground for a minute.
  • Knock as many cups off of a table as you can using only rubber bands.
  • Blow a feather (or balloon) to the other side of the room without touching the ground.
  • Inflate a balloon and control the air from the balloon to blow a cup all the way across a table without letting it roll off the edges.
  • Put a popsicle stick in mouth between teeth. Balance five die (or flat checker pieces) on stick without any falling.

A lot of this program was done on the fly. I waited to see how many people showed up before deciding to split up into teams rather than single players. Even the execution of the games was played by ear. I thought the games would be difficult but easy enough for the kids. I had to adapt some of the rules once I saw how the games were going for us. Keeping all 3 balloons off the ground was very difficult so we made it 1 balloon. The person who could knock the most cups of the table was going to be the winner but everyone had a hard time with that.

To help cut down on the cut throat competition, I decided a team could get the point if their person completed the task. It worked pretty well. It allowed for all the teams to rack up points.

Verdict: It went really well. All the kids had fun and time flew by. It’s a great program to put on quickly. You have most of the supplies.

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