Display: American Girl

This is a super easy display to put together and you can blend fiction and non-fiction on the display.

I’m making mine an ongoing display where I feature a different Historical Girl each month. This wikia is helpful for American Girl information. I’m going chronologically through the girls.

I made a simple sign introducing the girl of the month. I give a little information about who she is, where in the country she lives, and the time period she’s from.

What goes on the display?

  • All the books you have on the girl of the month.
  • Non-fiction books about the time period she’s from and/or place she’s from.
  • Similar J fiction titles based on time period and/or place.

Jazz it up as you see fit. Make Reader’s Advisory bookmarks for the series, make them for that particular girl, print out official American Girl activities, put up a doll if you have one/can find one.

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