David LaRochelle Storytime

I’m going to try to structure each month around a different letter and then each week the stories will all be about a word starting with that letter. October is all about the letter X. I quickly discovered that words that start with X are hard to come by so we’re talking about words that have the letter X in them.

October is going to be a bit spotty as we have a storytime workshop and Spooky Storytime planned so I’m getting X ‘out of the way’ this month.

The Preschoolers had a workshop this week so I got to plan a baby/toddler storytime just for them!

Sign Language

This week’s words were cow and tiger.

baby toddler storytime

The Books

Moo! by David LaRochelle

It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

We played with felt pieces.


These were fun reads for the little ones. I encouraged them to ‘read’ Moo with my since it had only one word. We also did the actions in It’s a Tiger.

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