Spooky Storytime

This is my first year as the ‘children’s librarian’ but I’m hoping to make this a tradition each year for storytime. I consolidated both of my storytimes to a single one for the week. Everyone was encouraged to dress up…including me!

The Books

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean

At The Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman

It’s Halloween Night! by Jennifer O’Connell
This is a fun guessing game!

Halloween Night by Elizabeth Hatch

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

My kids really like felt board stories so I found a story (Orange Pumpkin, What Do You See?) online and printed up some felt pieces. As I read the story, the kids brought up their pieces at the appropriate time.
I intended to do this but more kids showed up than I was expecting! I didn’t have enough felt pieces for everyone so I skipped over it.

The big treat today was trick or treating at the library! We had a little parade around the library in our costumes. We stopped at a couple of the desks and in the stacks for various staff members to give the kids a little treat. We gave out bat glasses, dinosaur skeletons, bubbles, skull erasers, and glow stick bracelets.

The Craft

I wanted the big focus to be on trick or treating but still needed a quick craft for those who wanted to do one.The solution? A quick monster mask! Thanks Sunflower Storytime and Awesome Storytime!

For the wee ones, I printed up come Halloween coloring sheets.


HUGE success. I think about 50 people showed up which is like almost triple my ‘big’ storytime days. I was not expecting that.

It was a bit chaotic. People showed up late, the younger ones didn’t want to sit still for the stories, and a lot of people were in a pretty small space. I think everyone had fun though.

I need to buy more goodies for trick or treating! One station ran out so we stole from another treat station.

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