Teen Program: Doctor Who

Teen Program

For my first Teen program at my new branch I decided to do a Doctor Who program. I timed it so the program was the Saturday before the new season started.

What I did:

Doctor Who Jeopardy

JeopardyLabs is a free, cool site that you can use to make your own Jeopardy games. I ‘cheated’ and used someone else’s games. This one, this one, and this one.

Doctor Who coloring sheets

Doctor Who Mad Libs

I own a Doctor Who Mad Libs so I brought it out so people could play.


I had left over Marshmallows from my tween program so we used Big ones for the body and small ones for the arms/legs and toothpicks to assemble them.

Learn to Write in Gallifreyan

This page is super helpful.


Well, this was a bust. It was my first program and no one showed up. It was a bit disappointing especially since one girl asked about the program and was super excited. Oh well, if I ever get a group that comes regularly and wants to do a Doctor Who program this is pretty easy to put together.

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