Tween Program: Marshmallow Engineering

Tween Program

If you’re ever in the need for a pretty inexpensive and fun program, this is the way to go.

Marshmallow engineering is simply building with marshmallows. You just need 3 cheap items.

  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks (or dry spaghetti would work as well)
  • Disposable plates to build on.

The beauty of this program is you can make it as structured or as STEM heavy as you want/need. You can propose challenges: make the tallest tower you can, make the sturdiest structure, etc. You can talk about why tween A’s structure is tilting to the side but tween B’s isn’t. You get the idea.

Unfortunately my program was a bit of mixed bag. This was my first tween program at the branch and I goofed a bit with the time. I didn’t realize when local schools got out. As a result, not many kids showed up BUT the 2 that did show up had a lot of fun. I had to go back to a desk to work but came back later to clean up and a couple of more kids were building with the supplies left on the table.

Verdict: It was fun! I bought more marshmallows that I ended up using but they don’t go bad for a while. I may try this again in a few months when I hopefully have a good group of tweens coming to the program. Maybe work on building while we talk about the books we’ve been reading lately?

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