Tween Program: Graphic Novels Galore

Tween Program

One of my tweens mentioned that she enjoys comics and drawing. I decided to design a program with her in mind!


Scholastic has a really fun comic builder on their site. You can download and print blank comic panels from there. If you really wanted to, you could add some of the images they have on the site before printing. I printed some of these and found some good quality drawing pencils in the closet.

Book Talk

Since we are in a library, I put together a book talk on some of theĀ  children’s graphic novels we have in the system.

I intended to do this but since it was a smaller group who was way more into drawing, I skipped over it.


I pulled graphic novels and drawing books for us to look over and use as inspiration.

Verdict: I had a small group but they enjoyed it! The one boy who came specifically for the program (the others I invited once I saw them hanging out in the kid’s section) was really into his graphic novel. I ended up giving him the stack of panels so he could finish at home!

This is a cheap and easy program to put together. You just print some panels up, dig out pencils, and find some graphic novels/drawing books.

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