Help Me: Library Tour/Class Visit

I just found out I will be giving a library tour to a class of 5th graders next week. As I’m still new to the whole children’s “librarian”-thing, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I know I should have been planning some rough ideas for class visits but that hasn’t happened. (It’s easier said than done when you’re working part-time.)

So I would love some advice and/or ideas for what to do for a class visit. Do you have any awesome activities to do? Is there a great story to read? Anything I shouldn’t do?

Even though I’m needing help with 5th graders immediately, help for other age groups would be appreciated as well.

6 thoughts on “Help Me: Library Tour/Class Visit

  1. My kids were a little younger than 5th grade when they had their library tour, but some of what they did may help you as well. The activities included: (1) a tour of the library to learn where the different sections are, (2) how to use the catalog and other electronic resources, (3) learning about any library processes and policies (e.g., how to check out books, no running), and (4) a scavenger hunt to reinforce what they learned.

    I hope that helps.


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