Summer Reading Program Kick Off 2016

Yes, we might be bundled up with hot cocoa and blankets but it’s never too early to start thinking about Summer Reading. I’m sure most of you are aware that 2016’s theme is sports related. Our system chose the Teen theme: Get in the Game: Read slogan. I was never athletically inclined so I’m putting my own twist on the use of games. We’re going to use board games and other similar gaming.

I’m starting to actually plan our kick off party. I want to do something fun and easy going that works well for everyone and doesn’t need a ton of staff supervision. We’re going to do…Giant Games!

We have a tiny budget but here’s what we’re thinking so far:

  • Giant Yahtzee
    • We’ll buy some giant rubber dice and print up some score sheets.
  • Giant Jenga
    • We’re going the super cheap route and saving the boxes from 12 packs of soda. I think we’ll just need a bit of tape to reinforce them and they’ll be good to go.
  • Giant Kerplunk
    • We’re still working on the details on if this is even possible for us. I just found this tutorial but there are quite a few other tutorials online.
  • Giant Angry Birds
    • I’m still working out the logistics of this but basically we’ll save all the boxes we can for towers. Use balloons for the pigs and cheap, small balls for the birds.
  • Giant Checkers
    • Thankfully this should be easy since the dollar store supposedly sells them.
Do you have any great games that have worked out for you?
I’d love to hear your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Program Kick Off 2016

  1. I am planning on doing giant games as a series. Every two weeks, add a new game. I am actually considering spending the 30$ on lumber and making my own at home! I was thinking about doing Giant Connect four as well. I think we can paint some paper plates and create a simple board.


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