Bed Time Storytime

I’m going to try to structure each month around a different letter and then each week the stories will all be about a word starting with that letter. January is all about the letter B.

Sign Language

This week’s words were bed and sleep.

baby toddler storytime

The Books


Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen & Sherry Scharschmidt

Teddy Bedtime! by Georgie Birkett

Songs, Rhymes & Fun


We had a bit of wild storytime again this week. I think they liked the stories (when they were paying attention).

I really need to work on some songs/rhymes to pull out when we get out of control.


The Books

Good Night, Sleep Tight by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek

 alt=Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready For Bed? by Barney Saltzberg

Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep by Kimiko Kajikawa

Songs, Rhymes & Fun

The Craft

I print out some coloring sheets with kids and animals in pajamas and cut them out. The kids colored them and then we made them a bed! You take a piece of construction paper and fold in in half (like you were making a card). Make a gentle fold once again as if you were to make it into a greeting card. Now have the kids cut one of the quarters out. Ta-da! Now the paper kind of looks like a bed. Tuck your coloring sheet in and put them to bed.


Small group again. They liked the first 2 books but lost interest by Sweet Dreams.

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