SRP 2016 Kick Off: Get Into the Game: READ!

Happy Summer fellow library friends! The time we plan for all year is finally here: SUMMER READING.

Most of us are using a variation a Sports theme this summer. Our system went with the slogan: Get Into The Game: Read!

I’m not athletically inclined so I wasn’t too into the theme. I decided to steer our Kick Off Party towards a game theme. Here’s what I did for our party:

Minute to Win It Games

This was a mixed bag. We had a smaller group of people attend so it’s hard to say how well it worked overall. Those who came did love the games. I planned out 14 different games which was way too much for my party. We only did 1/2- 2/3 of the games planned. If you want to do this, I recommend fewer games and being well stocked for them.

Food games went over best. Cookie Face and Separation Anxiety (with Skittles) were by far the favorites. I would also recommend knowing how to adjust a game for younger kids. You  don’t want to forget them!

Carnival Games

I had a few carnival games for younger kids. Duck Fishing as a big hit. 3-in-a-row went over okay as well (other than the leak I could NOT FIND).

I made sure to do these so little ones would have something to play but was pleasantly surprised that older kids/tweens loved it too!

I really should have done more of these!

Giant Jenga

Another big win. People played on it through the day. I made ours with empty soda boxes that were taped up. It was super cheap to do. You just need time to acquire boxes and lots of time to tape them up.

I saw tutorials online about making them out of wood. If you had the money, ability, and storage, that would be a great idea!

Giant Yahtzee

I was super excited about this one. I made our dice out of empty square tissue boxes.

NO ONE played!  I’m not sure if it’s because it was poorly placed or if Yahtzee isn’t cool.

Oh well, I’m using the dice for song cubes for Storytime.

How did your Kick Off go? What did you do?

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